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Wellness Retreat

Complete Wellness Services in a Retreat Setting

    • Regular Weekly Yoga Classes
    • Specialized Yoga Workshops
    • Aromatherapy Massage
    • Cold Laser Therapy
    • Master Reiki (gentle hands-on healing sessions)
    • Reiki I and II attunements (learn to give Reiki)
    • Aromatic Steam Tube
    • Medicine Wheel Garden
    • Meditation
    • YogAloft Naturals (All Natural Face and Body Products)
    • Nature Mist (100% pure plant waters)
    • Natural Remedies, Ointments and Salves
    • Day Retreats (Herb Walks, Forest Discovery Walks, Meditation, Yoga, Hydrosol Distillation Workshops)
    • Healing with Master Reiki, EFT (Tapping), Theta Healing, and Quantum Touch
    • Call if you are ready for change!!!
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YogAloft Wellness Retreat
86 Brownley Road, McKellar, Ontario, Canada
P2A 0B4

Tel.: 705-389-1669

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