Natural Remedies & Herbal Teas

Natural Remedies & Herbal Teas:

Here at YogAloft Yoga & Wellness Retreat, we recognize the importance of deepening our understanding of nature and the plant world, learning how to help ourselves with the help of Mother Nature. We believe that it is our responsibility as stewards of this planet to realize the importance of the natural world which surrounds us, and to help heal our relationship with everything living. Plants have traditionally been used to help address common ailments in the body; consequently, they can and must play a vital role in regaining our autonomy over our own daily health regime. To this end, we have been hosting an Annual Herb Walk at different times each year in order to explore the different parts of common healing plants: flowers, stems and leaves, roots, and seeds. Our next scheduled Annual Herb Walk will be listed on the Events page around the time that it will be offered. If you would like to have your name added to our Annual Herb Walk email list, please contact us.

There are a number of ways to extract the healing properties from plants. One way is to make a tincture by soaking the plant material in alcohol. In this way, the alcohol absorbs the healing value of the plant and may be taken topically or internally in small doses. Another typical method of plant extraction is to make an infusion (or tea) by infusing plant material in hot water, or by making a decoction by cooking the plant material in water (making a very strong tea). Flower Remedies have been used with success in addressing emotional/energetic imbalances in the body/mind using the healing vibrations of the flowers themselves. Flower blossoms are energized by the sun, allowing the healing aspect of the blossom to infuse warmed water. By far the most effective method of extracting and preserving the healing properties of plants is through steam distillation. The resulting hydrosols or plant waters can be used externally to provide relief from many conditions. For more information on hydrosols please refer to our Products page: Hydrosols

YogAloft Naturals offers a selection of Natural Remedies and Herbal Teas, according to the availability of the plants and in response to personal needs. A variety of tinctures, and flower remedies are available upon request or made-to-order. Our Herbal Teas are homegrown and dried slowly out of the light in a well ventilated area. They typically (although not always) include Anise Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Feverfew, Bergamot, Calendula, Sage, and Yarrow.