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Do you ever think there could be more to life?

Are you tired of looking outside of yourself for happiness and being disappointed?

Rest assured, your search is over! The journey to wholeness is within!

Yoga helps us feel confident, connected and complete... at all times!!!

Join Professional Yoga Teacher Theresa Gregory for conscious breath work, meditation, mindful movement and fun!!!!

Discover a Whole New Way of Being!

Learn to express yourself fully!!

Rediscover your body, thoughts, feelings, voice, and sensations!!!

Feel energetic  and alive again!!!

Please Note: due to COVID 19, all group yoga classes are suspended until further notice. (We are planning to offer online classes via Zoom soon!!!)

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YogAloft Wellness Retreat offers the following services:

- Kripalu Yoga* (pronounced: "Kree-pa-loo") The word "Kripalu" comes from Swami Kripalu, a great teacher from the northwest of India. "Kripalu" literally means, "compassion". It is the yoga of compassion, or self listening.

Kripalu Yoga Director of Schools describes Kripalu Yoga as follows: "

Often defined as “the kriya of chitta and prana”—chitta referring to mental clarity, and prana referring to life energy—Kripalu Yoga strengthens our capacity to hold witness consciousness while simultaneously increasing the flow of life force. If prana gets too strong, we lose our witness; if prana drops too low, we lose our energy.

Swami Kripalu always taught that the practice of yama and niyama is the necessary preparation for navigating the increased flow of prana that comes with practice. We must learn to channel that energy for the highest good not only by strengthening our physical body, but also by shaping the content of our character. The curriculum in our schools is designed to help teachers and practitioners access greater life force, while also offering tools to channel that energy consciously."

Some of the benefits of practising Kripalu yoga include:

- strengthening and lengthening the muscles along the spine (decompressing the spine)

- increasing core strength

- improving breathing quality

- increasing energy

- improving coordination, balance, flexibility

- developing a clearer, stronger mind

- helping us feel younger, more confident, healthier, happier

- decreasing the gap between an experience and an awareness of the experience

- increasing our ability to experience joy in our lives and feeling the joy being expressed through us

- Chair Yoga (for those people seeking all of the wonderful benefits of yoga without having to get up and down onto a yoga mat. Using a chair as a prop allows us to practise sitting postures with a back rest and standing postures using the chair as a balance assist)

- appropriate for individuals who have experienced arthritis, stroke, injury or mobility issues

- Chair Yoga is a wonderful introduction to yoga and a great refresher for individuals coming back to their practice (try a series of Chair Yoga classes to prepare you for your next mat class!)

- Chair Yoga is becoming more and more popular amongst individuals of all ages. Experience all of the benefits of a regular yoga class: clarity and strengthening of the mind-body, energizing of the whole body-mind-system, awareness of the fullness of being, increased balance, strength, power, and confidence.

- Restorative Yoga (as taught by Judith Hanson Lasater)

- using extensive props, blankets, and support we create an environment for the body to release stress and open into a new way of being

- appropriate for individuals of all ages. Restorative yoga can be a wonderful antidote to today's stressful lifestyle helping improve breathing, sleep, inducing deeper states of relaxation and stress relief.

- Meditation (mindfulness; developing a patient, abiding, non-grasping mind)

- in our Meditation Series we explore different types of meditation to make the concept and practice of meditation more familiar, more accessible to the western seeker

- meditation is becoming more and more prevalent and has been successful in addressing pain relief, grief, overwhelm, stress, sleep disruption, and depression

(If interested in joining us for our next Meditation Series email Theresa at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to have your name added to our mailing list)

- Laughter Yoga (from the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga, India)

- "developing skills of unconditional laughter based on Hasya Yoga (Yogic Laughter) and having the knowledge of 'Inner Spirit of Laughter'. "

- the physical act of laughing induces endorphins, releases stress from the body and produces feelings of joy, connectedness, and bliss

- Prenatal Yoga (as taught by Janice Clarfield)

- gentle movement, stretching, breathing practice, meditation, and increased mindfulness make yoga a wonderful preparation for giving birth to new life

- Private Yoga Classes**

- book a private session here at YogAloft Wellness Retreat

- Yoga Therapy - helps target specific personal issues related to you, your life, and your yoga practice

- relieve stress, improve breathing capacity, improve sleeping patterns, increase the will to live, release tension in the mind and body, live a more balanced life, resolve physical issues such as back problems, chronic pain; balance the brain, balance your life....

(appropriate for beginners and experienced yogis alike)

- Group Yoga Classes**

- bring friends, family, groups together to experience the benefits of yoga

- celebrate special occasions with loved ones (engagements, wedding parties, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays)

- feel the deep, energetic connection which is possible with a powerful, non-verbal practice such as yoga

**If you would like to book a private yoga class or would like to know more about our group classes, please Click Here.

*For more information on Kripalu Yoga visit

Here at YogAloft Wellness Retreat we have been building a joyful, soulful, conscious, and committed

yoga community for over a decade!!!


"The journey from darkness to light, from despair to joyfulness, from doubt to certainty, from hatred to love, from separation to connection, from skepticism to a deep abiding faith in the Oneness of all Beings, that journey begins now, with each tiny step we decide to take together."(Theresa Gregory)

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